What does the word Capabilis mean?

'Capabilis' is a 'Latin' word that means comprehensible and intelligent.


Who qualifies for Capabilis?

Capabilis High IQ Society welcomes any individual that proves to possess an IQ in the 99th percentile.


How can I become a member?

You can learn how to become a member by reading the information on our admissions page.


The most important function is to entertain and challenge the minds of individuals that possess a high IQ. SYNAPSE forums have been created and these support the interactions and discussions on many topics, that is, among members of each society, admins of each society, and all the SYNAPSE societies’ officers, plus the SYNAPSE Executives. The intrinsic function of the organization is based on the contribution and investment of time and energy by each one of the members.

In order to provide a safe and fair environment for the members of the SYNAPSE societies, each member must possess great integrity and represent us well on our forums and elsewhere. Trolling, harrassing of other members, is strictly prohibited. Members that repeatedly display this prohibited behavior will be banned indefinitely.

To increase the interactions amongst its many members, SYNAPSE schedules real-life meetings for its members. All members are hereby granted permission to schedule their own real-life-meetings via our SYNAPSE forum.